Our Services


To meet your specific requirements, Broccon assumes complete responsibility for design and construction whether you desire a new state of the art facility or have plans to expand an existing one.

This integrated, intelligent, efficient approach to project delivery is designed to provide the highest standards of quality, accountability and cost-effectiveness right from the start. From concept to completion Broccon has the experience to handle every detail every step of the way.


Broccon can develop and build any facility according to your requirements, then lease it to you as a more cost-effective alternative to ownership.

This allows you to fund new construction, including the cost of the land acquisition, without tying-up capital or credit in land and buildings. What's more, as the landlord of the facility, you can rest easy knowing we are always available to provide immediate service and answer questions.


Whether you need to develop your manufacturing capability, accommodate new product lines or modernize an existing location, Broccon can help you achieve success through retrofit and expansion.

From solidifying floors and walls and raising ceilings to accommodating new equipment and meeting specific demands, Broccon has the ability and expertise to design and construct a retrofit or expansion for your building that meets the growth requirements of your existing facility. It is a smart, affordable way to grow your business without acquiring substantial debt and, in many cases, a cost-effective alternative to relocation.


From interior and exterior infrastructural improvements, Broccon is equipped, experienced and ready to accommodate your timeline ensuring minimum business interruption.

With established delivery methods and main focus on client's budget and requirements, our commitment to excellence drive our team to success.

5General Contracting

Broccon provides full construction services in the more traditional role as General Contractor, giving the client the advantage of shifting construction cost risks. Preparing a detailed estimate and tender in accordance with the design drawings and specifications prepared by the architect and consultants.

Clients are provided a fixed price for the complete construction of the project. As the General Contractor, Broccon is responsible for delivering the entire construction of the project for the agreed upon price and schedule, barring any changes being made to the design and specifications.

6Project Management

With years of experience working in various scale projects, Broccon brings a unique set of capabilities when serving as the owner's representative, ensuring compliance with design specifications and contract terms, while carefully managing risks and controlling costs. In this role, we manage procurement, monitor progress, cost, and quality of ongoing construction projects, while overseeing construction contractors.

In addition, we provide value engineering, quality assurance, and dispute resolution. We are committed to achieving the highest safety standards on all our projects, using proven, leading-edge technologies and behavior-based safety practices to reduce risks to our employees, clients, and surrounding communities.